The Life of an Ex-Smoker and How She Quit -

The Life of an Ex-Smoker and How She Quit

My Childhood and Teenage Years


From the moment I was born I could already smell cigarette smoke. In 1965, both of my parents smoked. My Mother liked her Marlboro’s and Dad smoked filter-less Pal Mal’s. Some time during growing up they even bought a gadget to roll their own cigarettes. So by the time I was 16, it was ultra cool to have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth or between your fingers. I started, of course, with the most sophisticated ones I could find: Eve 120’s. I could smoke one a day and I was a happy camper.


Back then I only had to miss one lunch to afford them. During those years when you bought cigarettes for your parents they didn’t question if they were for you or not. Some of my friends even bought beer. I didn’t grow up in the best of households, Dad cussed a lot and Mother cried a lot, so the cigarette became my best friend and nerve pill. So I smoked more and more and changed brand after cool brand.


My Early Adulthood


In my 20’s, I started getting asthma type allergies, all due to my cool friend the cigarette. But hey! They had medication for my asthma and that made me better, so on I went smoking.


I got pregnant when I was 24, and that didn’t stop me. They didn’t have all the ads you see today to warn you. My sweet girl to this day has asthma. All my fault ya know. My Dad died of cancer at age 60. Not mainly because of cigarettes, but partly. My Mom quit at 40 and now she’s a healthy 79-year-old. When I turned 30, I sorta wanted to quit, but I had just gotten a divorce. I started to hit the club scene because I couldn’t when I was younger and of course, it made me look cool once again!


My Adulthood Years


When I was 37, I had a late in life pregnancy. This time I did quit and cold turkey. I knew the ads and I didn’t want my baby to develop anything wrong. Well, she showed up in this world at 28 weeks, weighing 2 lbs and 3 oz. I wanted to breastfeed so bad and never could. I was so stressed at how little she was I started smoking again. She came home weighing 4 lbs. I smoked outside and covered myself in hand sanitizer to be able to hold my baby. Believe it or not she turned out perfectly healthy and doesn’t look like she was EVER that little. So I kept smoking outside away from my child. But I kept getting colds, flu and now comes pneumonia!  Prednisone and the heavy antibiotics kept me well. My coughing kept me and my family awake at night.


The End my Smoking Years


Now at 47 years old, my doctor told me if I didn’t quit I was going to be one of them old people dragging around an oxygen tank. It scared me and I actually could picture it in my head! EWW! So, I downloaded a smoking app that helps you quit one cigarette a day. I put in the 20 a day I smoked and I took one away each day. It also kept up with the time of day I smoked.  Down and down they went until I reached 8 cigarettes a day. I was out, and needed to go buy a pack to smoke my stupid 8. Well it made me so mad that I had to spend almost $5 for 8 cigarettes! I deleted the app and downloaded the app that counts the days that you have been without a cigarette!


31 years I had sucked on the most stinky things I ever smelled and I quit. I was great! I was happy, I could have ATE a pack! HAHAHA! But count to 5 or 10 and that crave was over and I was normal. Day 3 was the worst, but after that, I had made it! If I can do it, you can do it too! If I could hold everyone’s hand while they try to quit I would! But if you do like I did and just imagine pulling an oxygen tank around for the rest of your life…you would throw them away and never give them a second thought. June 18th, 2013 was the start of my new breathing life!


Hey Y’all, I’m Katrina and that’s how I quit smoking!



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