How to help somebody in 1 minute or less? -

How to help somebody in 1 minute or less?

How to help somebody in 1 minute or

If you type any disease in Google the first two pages will give you objective information. This means a list of symptoms, causes, treatment options and so on. You’ll mainly get facts and statistics. The question is: who is behind all these diseases, who are the people that have these problems and what are their stories? This information is not shown on the results. Why is it important to know more about the people who suffer from diseases? You may have a medical condition, you know all these facts, but you don’t know other people with them. How the condition affects them, how do they manage their symptoms and how their lives are affected?


Getting to know these people can be comforting and make you realize you are not alone. If you’ve just been diagnosed with a medical condition, talking with somebody who also has it can be incredibly helpful. People are full of experiences, advice and stories. Getting to know this information may give you hope and can help you accept your medical condition.


You are not just a statistic or a disease. You are a person with goals and dreams. Your medical condition shouldn’t determine your identity. You can’t let your illness rule your life. However, you can use this condition to your advantage. You can actually turn a negative into a positive. You can advocate prevention and give support to those who need it the most. Your life story and the way you deal with your ailment can become a tool to help others.


Share your story and change a life.


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