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Brooke Copes With Depression

Brooke Copes With Depression

Brooke is a regular YouTube contributor. She was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety disorder in her junior year of high school. She admits to being bullied while she was in the fourth grade. She had braces, long hair and glasses and she says she wasn’t very attractive then. She was intimidated by girls who also claimed to be her friends. This caused her to not believe in herself. She never felt pretty.

Her parents were wonderful and she doesn’t blame them for any part of her condition. She got her braces removed and got contact lenses in the sixth grade. She tried to fit in during the seventh and eighth grade years and became more popular. Even so, she hurt herself by cutting her thighs and tried to hide her behavior from others.

She made her first suicide attempt in the sixth grade. She tried to stab herself with a screwdriver but didn’t go through with it. She began to cut herself after that but no one knew she was doing it.

Now, out of high school, she realizes that everything she did in high school no longer mattered. “No one cares what you did in high school.” She was one of the “cool kids” in high school but, after high school, this seemed like nothing to her. She still didn’t feel pretty and didn’t feel worthy of life, especially since junior high school.

She admits she couldn’t handle the stresses of life, including friends and school work. Her grades fell in high school and she barely passed her classes after being a star student in junior high. She felt like a zombie throughout much of her life. After her grandmother died while she was a sophomore in high school, she was greatly affected. She blamed her parents for not knowing that her grandmother was sick before she died of breast cancer.

Around the time of her diagnosis of depression and anxiety, she was in an abusive relationship, caught up with everything that was going on in the world. She wondered why her depression was happening to her. She had her breaking point at her best friend’s birthday party. She doesn’t remember much of what happened that night and her world switched completely after that. No one forgot about her breakdown and drunkenness at her friend’s party and she didn’t know how to get people to stop teasing her about the event.

This was when she tried to commit suicide another time. She took a bunch of pills after her ex-boyfriend told her she wasn’t going to do it. It made her very sick. She talked to a psychologist after that and was hospitalized. “It made me appreciate my life—more than I could ever imagine.”

She got on a medication for anxiety and depression and believes her time in the hospital was invaluable. She did therapy for 6 months. Now she feels much better. She does what she loves to do; she loves her work. She has a good boyfriend now and feels that, while some days are better than others, she is doing much better and expects to recover fully.

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