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A Unique Case of Diabetes Type II


Diabetes is one of those illnesses that can either happen at birth or strike suddenly. In that way, I’ve always thought that it was confusing. With this said, there’re no two “stories” that will ever be the same. So, how I developed Diabetes Type 2 (a.k.a. DM II) is going to be different from anyone else’s. Nevertheless, I still feel that by telling you about my story you’ll at least be able to learn something about yourself.


Let me start by saying that I also have MS and PTSD. It wasn’t until about five years after being diagnosed with those that I started showing signs of having DM II. Some of the symptoms that I was showing included extreme fatigue, irritability, and bad memory problems ( to the point that I couldn’t read and follow a recipe). What I didn’t realize was that I was also urinating more frequently, drinking more, having floaters in my vision and cuts or bruises were healing a lot slower. These are things that I notice now that I’m looking back on the situation.


The doctor I had at that time was quite confused by what was going on with me because things weren’t adding up for him. For this reason, he decided to send me to a psychologist to have some testing done, just to rule out anything that might have been going on cognitively. At the same time, he did some blood work. Before I went to the psychologist, my doctor noticed that I had Diabetes Type 2.


Since my initial diagnosis, I have gone on to find a doctor who can really deal with all my different illnesses. I have learned that many of them tend to overlap in what’s actually going on with me. For instance, my doctor states that although extreme fatigue comes along with DM II, it also comes along with MS so it’s no wonder that I’m so tired all the time. Another way in which this overlapping occurred has to do with my PTSD. Due to it I am pretty irritable, but that’s also something that overlaps with DM II. In fact, my condition is so confusing that a previous doctor of mine actually called me a “medical mystery.” (Of course, I high-tailed it out of his office in search of a new doctor, and I’m glad I did because my current doctor is great).


Now that you know how I came to be diagnosed with DM II, hopefully, you no longer feel alone. I also hope that there are some things in my story that have helped you in some other ways too.

So, if you have DM II, what’s your story been like?
Written by: Maria Hoffman (read more about me here)


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