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5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

You may have heard quitting smoking is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The problem is smokers scare each other unintentionally. Just look at any comment from a smoker and they’ll tell you it was hard and felt horrible. The truth is it’s not. Have you ever broken a bone, got stomach sick, had a bad cold or a headache? That’s pain. Quitting smoking isn’t painful at all. There are 5 reasons you should quit smoking today and if you focus on these marvelous changes that will start happening once you quit, it will be easy and it will motivate you to continue your journey.

1. You’ll breathe better


A smoker’s lungs are full of tar and these little hairs called cilia which are responsible for clearing away dirt in the lungs stop working. Don’t worry they regenerate. However, while you smoke you can’t breathe in a profound way. Try it. Breathe as deeply as you can and you’ll notice that at the end there’s like a wall that stops you from breathing more air. Then exhale and it doesn’t feel that good or refreshing.

If you quit smoking, in about three days you’ll notice the wall gone and how pleasant it feels to exhale air. If you could go forward in time and try it, you will know the feeling, but there is only one way you will know how it feels.

That moment when you quit smoking and your lungs return to their normal state is eye opening. It will put a smile in your face and it will motivate you to stick to your goal. You’ll even try breathing so many times just to make sure the feeling is real.

2. You’ll have more energy


Now that your lungs are returning to normal, your tissues will receive more oxygen. What happens is tasks, walking, climbing stairs and doing chores becomes easier. You’ll get less tired. This will happen around a week from quitting smoking. You’ll feel like you’re floating or like you lost weight. You’ll feel lighter and will even feel like exercising or moving around because you have way more energy. It’s a shocking feeling once you realize it and again will put a Cheshire cat smile on your face.

This is a moment you should look forward to because all those years of smoking have made you more tired and lazier than you should be. Feeling this boost in energy will encourage you to keep your goal because: who wants to feel like they’re dragging their body around all the time?

3. Taste and smell skyrockets


Also, around week one of quitting, you’ll have an eye opening moment when you take a bite of any food. You’ll feel a little bit confused though. You’ll think: “Oh my God! Why does this food taste SO much?” What happens is your taste buds are regenerating. When you smoke they become less sensitive to tolerate the horrible cigarette taste. That is an awesome moment to look forward to. Eating will become so much more pleasant. Everything will taste 10 times more and you’ll delight in tasting any food.

Your sense of smell will improve so much that you’ll notice smells you usually didn’t. The most surprising thing is you’ll actually be able to smell is cigarette smoke. Your clothes or anything that was in contact with the smoke will stink. You’ll wash those things immediately because you didn’t notice them before. You’ll go on a washing and cleaning marathon, which you can do because you have more energy now. You won’t stop until the smell of cigarettes is gone. You’ll notice how absolutely horrible the smell sticks to everything. You might even have to wash things twice.

4. Physical cravings will slowly diminish


A physical craving lasts about 3 minutes and then it’s gone. The first days you’ll have them about 7 times. As the days go by they go away completely. One day you’ll realize you can’t remember the last time you craved for a cigarette. At this moment you’ll feel silly because you’ll realize how easy it was to quit and how long it has been since you smoked. Life continued and you were able to do everything without having a smoke. You’ll even think: “I should’ve done this ages ago”.

Now, an important parenthesis needs to be made here, there is a difference between physical cravings and psychological cravings. The last can trigger the first. To know more about this you should read this blog post. Also, another blog post will be written to help you deal with the psychological part of smoking.

5. True relaxation happens


Smokers think that having a cigarette relaxes them or removes stress. This is a myth and completely untrue. As, you know there is a part of your body you can’t control, it’s called the autonomic nervous system. This system has two parts; one is called the sympathetic and the other the parasympathetic system.

The funny thing is smoking activates the sympathetic system which is responsible for the fight or flight response, also known as stress. You can verify this. If you haven’t smoked for some hours, take your pulse and count the number of breaths you take in a minute. Have a smoke and see how they increase. Smoking can never relax you, it’s physically impossible, but you believe it does.

Once you quit smoking you’ll notice what being relaxed truly means. Again, if you could travel to the future and feel this and then come back, it becomes obvious. Also, you don’t have to worry about looking for a lighter, or buying cigarettes if you’re running out or hating places or activities where you can’t smoke. That is stress and smoking adds to it; it doesn’t remove it.

Once you stop, there is nothing to worry about or no necessity to smoke or run to a smoking area. That relaxation feeling will be noticeable after the first week of quitting and will continue.

Finally, these are just 5 things you have to look forward in your quitting smoking journey. It is a journey and you’ll be surprised with amazing changes and events that will happen in your life. Don’t be afraid of quitting, but be excited for the journey ahead, it’s worth it.

5 reasons to quit smoking


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