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4 Best Diet Tips for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


With any muscle injury, it is best to sustain a relaxed way of living and this includes a diet that is clean and free from chemicals.  Anti-inflammatory diets helped me reduce some of my muscle twitching.  Overall, I changed my diet and saw a big difference, as well as a significant weight loss and less bloating.


The changes I implemented were the following:


1. Reduced all sugary drinks and foods


When being diagnosed and healing from a muscle disorder, it is very important to keep your mind alert, and help reduce fatigue. Especially if you have to work and keep a home, it is very difficult not to allow the weird symptoms of TOC to take over your mind, leading to fatigue and worry.   Sugar and the wrong carbohydrates (large enriched bread, like bagels, etc.) can contribute to an overall lack of energy and can create a crash and burn effect.


2. Reduced all Caffeine and Drinks with Aspartame


Drinks with aspartame actually contributed to my muscle twitching and sense of fatigue.  I noticed that caffeine also caused an increase in upper chest breathing, heart rate, and a crash and burn effect.  Decreasing these lead to a clearer mindset and less ‘brainfog’.


3. Increase Fruits and Vegetables 


I had a low Vitamin D and B.  Fruits and vegetables helped and contributed to the overall replacement of loss of vitamins and nutrients.


4. Dietary Supplements


With a slight increase in anxiety I found that I had brain fog and wanted to desperately increase my energy and well being. I found a nutritionist who was able to tell me the healthiest way to do this.  She put me on a Vitamin B supplement and a daily Womens’ vitamin.  Over time, I was able to reduce the amount of Vitamin B but this drastically increased my energy and helped me to relax.


These were the immediate diet changes that I had discovered in my personal research and the ones that my nutritionist recommended for me.    The following changes seemed to contribute to a reduction in anxiety, increased my mood and energy while I was going through the diagnostic process.  This diet tips can also apply to anyone trying to become healthier.

By: Roglesby, read more about me here.


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